Romance Chezreine

Romance Chezreine is a lingerie series that is amazingly comfortable to wear and does not constrict your body. Born out of a totally new concept, which is to combine the external slimming and proportioning effect of fabric and patterning with the power of bio-friendly light that affects health, cellulite and blood circulation to promote beauty from within.

What is Romance Chezreine?

Creating an attractive body line is a challenge that has confronted women throughout history. Presenting Romance Chezreine, a lingerie series that designed to achieve just that.

Bio-friendly light warms the body from the core and promotes antioxidation, and fat is returned to where it belongs. Comfortable enough to wear every day, special attention is also paid to the design and lacework.

All you have to do is to wear them to achieve a smaller size.

The Romance Chezreine lingeries series: wearable body esthetics.

6 Features

For a Healthy Beautiful You

Posture Corrections

Radiant Heat Effect

Improve Blood Circulation

Body Shaping

De-clumping of Water Molecules

Antioxidative Effect

Three Facets of Beauty + Action

Body Esthetics All Day Long

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