Illumis (Spain)

Dedicated to everyone who wants to achieve the most luminous, dewy, flawless and, ethereal-looking skin.

Illumis is here to give the primary protection to keep the skin barrier healthy and uncompromised.

Our Philosophy is simple.

We only use the kindest ingredients that heal your skin in the most natural ways.

We formulate all our products with this philosophy in mind. Every one of our products is created to heal and strengthen the skin immune system so that it can fight against all external and internal factors in order to win a battle on its own.

We believe that our skin looks its best when it is healthy. The key to enhancing skin appearance is by healing the roots.

Our R&D team has carried out an in-depth study and made some promising discoveries about Actibiome – the ultimate solution to preserve, fortify, and restore healthy skin at its root.

is a combination of different components aimed to bring a variety of nutrients to ensure the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin microbiota.

• Provides a healthy and balanced diet for skin microbiota

• Rebalances skin microbiota disturbed by busy lifestyle conditions

• Rebalances anaerobic and acidophilic bacteria potentially involved in skin inflammation

• Rebalances skin PH

• Improves skin health

• Improves complexion homogeneity

• Decreases skin redness

• Decreases skin imperfections

• Improves skin beauty



  • Sea water extract
  • It replenishes mineral in our skin which improves the appearance and hydrates the skin
  • Helps to maintain the balance of our cells
  • It’s a natural antiseptic and has astringent effects that make impurities disappear
  • Acts as a natural exfoliant and aids to remove excess oil, skin toxins and dead skin cells
  • It is rich in microorganism that produce antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial substances


  • Also known as Oarweed or Brown algae
  • Rich in amino acids that has a powerful properties to moisturize, remineralize, protect and nourish the skin
  • Great protection against oxidation stress
  • Great abilities in reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation


  • It has a high level of amino acids to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin
  • Has the ability to generate the production of collagen which increases skin density
  • Gives the skin a firmer effect and a lifted contour to the face
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